NASA now refuses to make further comment on the objects.

NASA now refuses to make further comment on the objects.

Hundreds of anomalous objects photographed near the sun since 2001 have captured the attention of UFO enthusiasts. These objects are reported to have been photographed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). SOHO is a NASA spacecraft that monitors the sun’s activity. The observatory is located 1 million miles away from Earth.

UFO investigators claim that the saucer shaped craft were moving in a manner that suggested intelligent control, and additionally, they believe that the images are proof of alien life.

BBC reports that NASA originally dismissed the images as comets, asteroids, or the result of a camera fault. NASA now refuses to make further comment on the objects.

In January 2003, the images went on display at the English National Space Centre in Leicester. Mr. Mike Murray, founder of the UFO group Euroseti, had commented to BBC about the SOHO UFO pictures:

“Some of the pictures are real crackers. They are the archetypal flying saucers; Disc-shaped objects with some kind of glow around them. Many have a pulsing light and leave a trail behind them. They come from all angles and directions. There’s one especially which is really fabulous. It is a glowing disc with a pink disc-shaped object within the glow, and a turret on the top. I think it’s absolutely irrefutable that this couldn’t be anything other than a machine.”

Murray obtained the photos from a businessman in Barcelona, Spain, who in turn received them from SOHO using a giant satellite dish from outside his home. From January 2001 through January 2003 about 700 such pictures have been collected.

Murray continued, “The first thing we did when we got the images was to speak to NASA, who said it was a camera fault. But by enhancing the images we proved this wasn’t the case.”

NASA then suggested to Murray that the questionable images were either comets or meteors, but this did not explain the independent movement of the objects, nor the fact that they also made turns.


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