Indian in the machine’s main website

Indian in the machine

5 thoughts on “Indian in the machine’s main website

  1. I have photos a woman in a bright white leather with fringes . I also have pics of red dog you can see the skeleton.The woman has blue face ? I have a message from a man call red cloud and calls himself rusty mean. my phone 530-774 2090 . if anybody knows these men or call. Rusty Mean says get family out LA says GET OUT NOW…..

  2. I consider SOHO FOOTAGES… with a lot of circumspection,because they simply cannot be dismissed as some glitch or as some fantasy. I seriously think that SUPER CIVILIZATIONS existing in star-clusters or in thicker zones of distant galaxies… may be harboring exotic life forms on the simple but all too common place argument of the unmistakable evidence of extra-terrestrial life on the analogy of PLANET EARTH ITSELF SUPPORTING & SUSTAINING LIFE. THE SOHO LASCO-3 imagery is one that needs to be carefully examined instead of making meaningless fun of it. they are not only impressive but absolutely mysterious on an earthly plane. the fact of SUPER CIVILIZATIONS THAT HAVE EVOLVED through millions of years of evolutionary change, may have attained a state of SUPRA-SENSITIVE STAGE OF PROGRESSION that is totally incomprehensible on our planetary standards.

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